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Waveform is a 3d Model Editor, melding creative design with an interactive programming process.

Latest Version: 1.12 Released: 21 Sep 2017

Programming with Blocks

Attach sequences of blocks together, which Waveform then runs through and executes, in order to generate a 3d model.

Design all areas of your model this way, including the Geometry, UVs, Animation and Physics.

Turn 2D into 3D

Create a surface in 2D, then extrude it along another 2D curve, producing a 3D model. This simple idea is at the core of how Waveform operates.

There is no manual editing of vertices, instead Waveform adaptively inserts as many that are needed. You can however increase the vertex count to achieve smoother curves, or decrease the vertex count for a more blocky 'low poly' style.

Add Multiple Surfaces

Change the surface during the extrusion process, to create even more custom shapes.

As can be seen, if a new surface has more vertices that the previous, then the extra vertices will be back-propagated too, ensuring continuous edge flow.

Bring it all Together

Create a composition heirarchy, joining seperate meshes together (known as patterns) to form complex models.

Use boolean operations to add or subtract shapes from the final model. Waveform supports N-Gons, which can be exported as well if you'd rather fix them up yourself in another editor.

Apply Textures

Mark split points on the 2D curves, and Waveform will join them up during extrusion, forming a seam. Then specify a material per pattern, and have the option to edit the texture, tint, specular and emissive parameters.

Additionally use your own textures over the presets, and they will be baked into the final UV map instead.

Get Rigging for Free

The heirarchy used for composition is automatically used as a rig, meaning you can move straight to the animating stage.

Every pattern get's one bone by default, which you can remove, or add more as needed.

Add Animation

Setup poses that Scale, Rotate or Translate, and combine them together to form even more complex poses.

Link poses together to form an animation clip. Additionally control the timing and interpolation between poses.

Setup Physics

Add rigid bodies quickly by just snapping on a physics block, and they will lengthen to the size of the bone they're attached to. Select from Sphere, Box, Capsule or Convex Hull.

If needed, resize the shape yourself by snapping on your own transform blocks.

Modify on the Fly

Compositions are held together using a marker system, meaning making changes to patterns won't destroy the final result, it'll just adapt instead!

There is no concept of a 'pipeline' in Waveform, instead you are free to edit any stage of the model at any time, and the rest will simply re-generate to fit the new parameters.

Export your Model

Export your model in OBJ or FBX format. Physics information is also exported to a separate .ragdoll file. These formats are supported by all engines and tools, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Substance Painter, and so on.

A Unity Asset Importer is also provided, which will convert the physics information into rigid bodies and colliders for you on import. You can find the script in the 'Unity Sample Project' on the downloads page.

Video Overview

See Waveform in Action

View the 3d model editor in use, as well as the see the 3d models exported into a game engine.

The 'Unity Sample Project' , shown in the video, is also available on the downloads page.


Waveform is a 3d Model Editor designed to be easy to use from the outset. It does not require any artistic skills to create something that looks good. It enables developers to create functional 3d models quickly, so they can prototype out ideas fast, or even use the models in a commercial product.

The tool is capable of creating geometry, UV's for texturing, automatically rigging, adding animation, and also hooking up rigid bodies for physics. You can then export as OBJ or FBX, and the physics information is also exported to a separate .ragdoll file.

Waveform is free to use for 30 days, after which a lifetime licence will need to be purchased for £29.99 (roughly $38). This licence will also entitle you to continue receiving software updates for a one year period. After one year, if you wish to keep receiving updates, you will need to re-purchase the licence.

Note: no registration is required at any point, and all transactions are done securely through PayPal.


Text Tutorials

These are provided to walk you through the basics, so you can get on to developing content for your product. The block editor can be daunting at first, but these tutorials should put your mind at ease.

Build a Tank - Video Walkthrough

Watch how to build a tank from scratch. All sections of the tool are covered, and no prior experience is required.
Or Click Here to view the 'Build a Tank' Tutorial on IMGUR instead, as Text and GIFs


A showcase of models built using Waveform

All of these projects, and more, are included when you download the tool

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