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Waveform is a tool designed to make your life easier, by automating much of the process of creating functional 3d models for you.


Feature Overview

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Non Destructive Workflow

By breaking down the creation process into curves and commands, you can edit or re-order the components anywhere in the process and the model will simply re-generate.


Just mark a point on a curve as a seam, and Waveform will unwrap the UV for you. Adjust the UV layout further using custom blocks as needed.

Fast Rigging

Simply designate specific points as bones, and let Waveform take care of the placement and orientation.


Build up animation poses block by block, which can then be composed into full animation clips ready for export.

Ragdoll Physics

Connect a Capsule, Box, Sphere or Mesh collider to your model and let Waveform automatically figure out the rest. Supports exporting to Unity colliders and rigid bodies too.


Hit the ground running by bringing in components from any previous Waveform project, and tweaking as needed, in order to greatly speed up your workflow.

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